You have waited for this experience for a long time, and it is a time to cherish. What a miracle it is that our bodies can create another human being. In the grand span of our time on earth, pregnancy is just a sliver. I'm here to capture beautiful images of you during this miraculous time. Whether you would like to do a maternity milk bath session, a studio session, a combination, or outdoor maternity photos, we will plan a maternity photo shoot to fit your desires. Read the FAQs under the gallery for detailed information.


When should I schedule my maternity photo shoot?

I generally suggest doing a maternity portrait session around 30-36 weeks. We want you to have a nice baby bump, but we don't want you to be uncomfortable.

What options are available for maternity sessions?

I offer several options for maternity photos. In my home studio I can create a classic, simple, timeless look for studio maternity portraits. This can be combined with a maternity milk bath photo shoot, or you can do exclusively a milk bath session. I also do outdoor maternity portraits.

What is a milk bath session?

A maternity milk bath session involves photographing you in a bathtub filled with beautiful flowers/greenery. The water is opaque because milk is added, so it appears white. We can plan a unique session for you based on what colors and flowers you like.

What should I/we wear?

A dress that shows off your baby bump is always a good choice. For a more casual look, a tube top or a camisole with a chunky cardigan or button down shirt can be cute with pre-pregnancy jeans. A tube top can also look cute with a long skirt. You can also do a few boudoir-style shots if you'd like, with a pretty, lacy bra. I will provide you more detailed guidance once you are booked, especially for a milk bath session.