Hi, I'm Shelley!

When I was at home with my first-born, someone told me, "The days are long, but the years are short." This turned out to be so true. As moms, we are "in it." Our lives are busy and full. But when we blink, our babies have gone from infants to tweens or high school seniors!  Don't let the years go by unrecorded!

I also believe in photos as artwork. Have you heard the term "spark joy" from Marie Kondo? A day doesn't go by that I walk down our stairs and the photos that adorn the walls spark joy and bring happiness to my day. I want the same for you!

My studio is based in my home in Arvada, Colorado. I am also available to travel to you for in-home newborn and milestone sessions.

If you are looking to freeze your precious moments in time and invest in your family's legacy, send me a message, and I will work with your busy schedule to make it happen. I'd love to work together!